How To Visit Mount Bromo From Jakarta For Travel Budget

How To Visit Mount Bromo From Jakarta For Travel Budget. Who is not familiar with Mount Bromo, a volcano that is still active and has become a tourist attraction that is visited by many local and foreign tourists in East Java. One of the uniqueness is that this mountain is located in the middle of a vast sea of ​​sand, this gives the impression of contrast and dryness, in contrast to other mountainous regions in Java. Tengger community culture that is still thick also adds to the attraction of this mountain.

Visit Mount Bromo From Jakarta For Travel Budget

1. Cost Estimates
You can start from Malang or from Surabaya. In this discussion I chose the Surabaya route. The cost of the Gumarang train (from Jakarta) with a business class at a rate of Rp. 180,000, – Travel from Jakarta – Surabaya takes around 12 hours (depending on the situation of the train being mandated or smooth)

Recommendation: Surabaya – Probolinggo
Arriving in Surabaya precisely at Pasar Turi station, then you can search for inter-city buses to Pasuruan (tosari) or destination to probolinggo terminal. Travel time is approximately 2 hours with bus fare of Rp. 15,000, – The closest area to Bromo is via Probolinggo, Cemara Lawang Village.

Alternative: Surabaya – Malang
Arriving in Surabaya precisely at Pasar Turi station, the next destination you have to go to Malang The trip duration is approximately 2 hours with a bus fare of Rp.15,000, –

Arriving in Malang, you can rent an elf or angkot to Pananjakan. However, for tours to Bromo and surrounding areas you must rent a Jeep that is available specifically for the field. The tariff for the Jeep itself is around Rp. 300,000, – specifically for Pananjakan, but this is not yet the place around Bromo. (to get to other attractions, additional fees are charged). This platform is a famous viewpoint in Bromo. From here you can see Mount Bromo and the surrounding sea of ​​sand. At viewpoint, our Pananjakan stops and then climbs around 200-300 meters to reach a place to see Sunrise Bromo Tour. If you are lazy to walk, there are ojegs who are willing to take you for Rp. 10,000.

How To Visit Mount Bromo From Jakarta For Travel Budget

For lodging in Bromo there are many places such as villas, as well as residential homes that can be used as a place to stay overnight. Budget the cost of lodging at a modest inn Rp.100,000, – or if you want to rent a villa for a fee around Rp. 400,000, –

In Bromo it is rare to find a restaurant that is open at night, but there are still many stalls selling simple food such as noodles, fried rice and corn. We recommend that you bring enough instant food supplies.

Other Fees – Entrance Ticket
To go to Bromo tour, you will be charged Rp. 6,000, – but many tourists were eventually forced to enter for free because there were no officers guarding.

2. Attractions
Stairs to the summit of GunungSunrise in Bromo are very popular, get ready to jostle with other tourists who want to capture this moment. In addition you can also go up to the crater of Mount Bromo, the journey takes about 30 minutes. If you are lazy to walk you can rent a horse for Rp. 70,000. Besides that there is still a sea of ​​sand used in shooting the film ‘Pasir Berbisik’, starring Dian Sastro and Christine Hakim. Somehow it is called whispering sand, maybe because if we bring our ears closer to the sand there will be a whisper that occurs due to the breeze. About 45 minutes by car to Probolinggo, you can visit the Madakaripura waterfall, the waterfall that is thick with the historical feel of Majapahit is a pity to miss if you have more time at Bromo.

Itinerary Suggestions:
If you want to see the sunrise in Bromo you should wake up early when you go to Pananjakan, because there will be a lot of Jeep who take other tourists, so the morning we come to the location not too far away and can still find a place to sit to see the sunrise. At that time I arrived at Pananjakan around 4.30 and that too was a bit late because it was crowded.

3. Weather of Mount Bromo
When I visited, the weather conditions in Bromo were rather cloudy and had drizzling but not heavy rain. It was a pity when I got there the weather was cloudy so the sun was somewhat covered with clouds. Surely the dry season around July – September is the right time because you will get a clear view of Mount Bromo and not covered by clouds.

4. Packing List
While in Bromo you don’t need to carry a lot of luggage, you can stay at the inn or you can put it in the Jeep. So that it won’t bother you to walk around
5. Tips
– Bring items as needed, not too many luggage so that it will complicate your journey.
– Bring a Jacket, Head Cover, Scarf, Gloves, Socks because the weather in Bromo is very cold.
– It is recommended to wear shoes.
– Bring enough food and drinks.
– Ask for the mobile phone number waiting for the previous angkot for the agreement when you asked to be picked up.
– Around the tenth month of the Javanese calendar, on the night of Purnama, the Tengger community held a Kasodo ceremony.

Estimated costs
1. Bisis Gumarang Train – Jakarta – Surabaya (Pasar Turi): Rp. 210,000
2. Pasar Turi Angkot Rental – Bungur Asih = Rp. 5,000
3. Bungur Asih Terminal – Arjo Sari (Malang) = Rp. 15,000
4. Charter Elf Malang – Pananjakan = Rp. 560,000, – (Returning)
5. Jeep rental fee (Pananjakan – Kawah – Savana) = IDR 500,000


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